Love Island Australia couple Tayla Damir and Dom Thomas have confirmed they've broken up, posting an awkward video to fans announcing their split.

The now-ex-couple confirmed their split in a YouTube video titled Answering Your Question: Have We Broken Up?

The pair met on the first season of Love Island Australia, but didn't immediately get together — Damir won the show with Grant Capp, but the couple split in July last year, less than a fortnight after the finale aired, after splitting the show's $50,000 prize money.

She and Thomas then started dating in October 2018, reports.


"We've had a lot of questions the last month … we needed time to sort it out for ourselves," a glum-looking Thomas said in the video.

"Me and Tayla are no longer together …"

Damir then interjected.

"There's no story behind it, there's no drama. We're just in different directions in our life, and that's just how it is. We hope everyone can respect our privacy," she said.

Thomas said it had been a "difficult time" for the pair.

"As you can see by our YouTube video we have amicably split," the pair wrote underneath the post.

"We have decided that at this point in our lives we no longer work together as a couple.

"There is no other reason than we just need different things from life and our relationship.


"We understand everyone has been asking us for a few week if we were still together and we weren't trying to ignore anyone, we just needed time to process this break up ourselves before allowing others to process it for us.

"We will continue to support each other and hope you can do the same whilst respecting our privacy over the next few weeks. We love you all and can't thank you enough for your constant support and love."