TVNZ Breakfast host Matty McLean is the first celebrity to be named to star in the upcoming reboot of Celebrity Treasure Island.

Matty has big boots to fill however, as his Breakfast co-host Hayley Holt won the competition back in 2007.

The Breakfast team took a moment to look back at Hayley's time on the reality show this morning, including this gem of a moment after she won:

Hayley Holt celebrating her Treasure Island win in 2007. Photo / TVNZ
Hayley Holt celebrating her Treasure Island win in 2007. Photo / TVNZ

Holt said: "I loved every second of it", before adding: "but its not about me... we are passing the mic and hopefully we're gonna keep this winning trophy in the family because our very own Matty McLean is going to be a contestant in this year's Treasure Island."


She added: "Matty, no pressure."

To which the ever-competitive Matty replied: "I'm crazy, you've all seen me compete in challenges!"

He told John Campbell being on the show was "Genuinely a dream come true" adding, "I'm so excited. We're heading to Fiji, we leave this weekend and we're competing for $100,000 for our chosen charity."

Matty's charity is Rainbow Youth, who will get all of the prize money should he come out on top, which is why he says, "I have to win".

Matty couldn't say too much about the project but did say that when it came to packing for the adventure there is a "very strict list and it doesn't involve much - they will check our bags before we go".

Hayley egged him on to sneak in some contraband saying: "It's about being a pirate - try and sneak whatever you can!"

Matty will leave to begin filming in Fiji this weekend.