Bill Cosby has caused controversy once again after a bizarre social media post for Father's Day in the US.

Cosby's Twitter and Instagram accounts both made posts referring to the disgraced comedian as "America's Dad" despite, the fact that Cosby is currently locked up for sexual assault.

The post reads: "Hey, Hey, Hey…It's America's Dad. I know it's late, but to all of the Dads… It's an honour to be called a Father, so let's make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose — strengthening our families and communities."

It also included a video of Cosby speaking about how slavery and racism have destroyed black families in America.


Social media users were quick to rip into the comedian with one writing: "This has to be a parody account right? What the hell is going on?"

Illustrator Colleen Doran wrote: "Strengthen families by not being unfaithful to your wife, by not treating young women like they're on the menu, and by not being a bad example to young men. A**hole."

While another wrote; "First OJ, now this? Blocked in a New York Minute."

That comment was in reaction to the fact that Cosby's post came just minutes after O.J. Simpson posted a Father's Day tweet of his own.

He posted a video in which he focused on claims that he had slept with Kris Jenner while she was married to his former lawyer, Robert Kardashian, and addressed rumours over whether or not Khloe Kardashian is his daughter.

He said about Kris: "Never, in any way shape or form have I ever had any interest in Kris romantically or sexually and I never got any indication that she had any interest in me so all of these stories are just bogus."

And regarding Khloe, he said: "Khloé, like all the girls, I'm very proud of. Just like I know Bob would be if he was here, but facts of the matter is she's not mine."

After a near two-minute long rant on the topic, Simpson signed off saying, "That's it for the day. Happy Father's Day, take care."