The latest episode of Billy Eichner's popular YouTube series Billy on the Street saw him and comic actress Kate McKinnon pulling a fast one on New Yorkers.

The pair took to the streets of the Big Apple on a mission to convince people that the SNL and Ghostbusters star was in fact the Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon.

To sell the deception McKinnon wore a pastel floral dress of the sort favoured by Witherspoon and adopted a Southern twang.

"You're awesome," one New Yorker told McKinnon, thinking she was complimenting Witherspoon for her early comic turn on Legally Blonde.


McKinnon thanked her before dispensing some life advice to the star struck fan.

"Be yourself and love who you love," she said.

Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters. Probably.
Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters. Probably.

A man the pair approached told McKinnon that he'd met her before - meaning Witherspoon - at a movie premiere before inviting her to dinner at his house.

"Oh my gosh," McKinnon gushed giving the stranger a hug, "I remember you."

But not everybody fell for it. The pair were busted a couple of times.

Firstly when Eichner quizzed a woman on Witherspoon and was met with a blunt, "well, this is Kate McKinnon," while another man simply replied, "yeah, right," to Eichner's protestations that he was actually talking to Witherspoon before simply walking off.