Warning: Graphic details follow.

A new Netflix horror movie, The Perfection, is so gory that viewers are reporting headaches, nausea and vomiting after viewing.

The horror-thriller follows an elite cellist, Charlotte (Get Out's Allison Williams), who travels to Shanghai to compete in a music competition, where she meets her teacher (Steven Webber) and a prodigal student, Lizzie (Logan Browning of Dear White People).

The film reportedly includes a scene - teased in the trailer - in which Lizzie and Charlotte take a trip to the countryside. Lizzie vomits on a bus, leaving it crawling with maggots, while later throwing up bug-infested vomit when the pair are kicked off.


Viewers have taken to Twitter to share that the harrowing, gory scenes are proving a little too much for some.

The Perfection is directed by Richard Shepard (Dom Hemingway). Some have pointed out the parallels between Williams' character in the film and her character in Get Out - and she used that to her advantage, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"The whole idea is that at the beginning you β€” which I'm hoping Get Out helped with β€” from the minute you see Charlotte onscreen you're like, 'I don't trust that person,'" Williams told the publication.