Security was forced to intervene when Brooklyn Beckham and his model girlfriend Hana Cross began "screaming and crying" in a heated argument at Cannes Film Festival.

According to The Sun, Cross "lashed out" at the young star and security had to separate the pair - the 20-year-old's parents David and Victoria were alerted.

A source told the Sun that the famous parents are becoming increasingly worried about their son's ""toxic relationship" with Cross and are "seriously frustrated".

Beckham, 20, and Cross, 22, have been dating for six months and have made headlines after being pictured arguing before.


A source close to Cross reportedly told The Sun: "It was all very dramatic. They went to Cannes for a few days, but started bickering almost straight away.

"Hana struggles with Brooklyn's fame and money, and all that comes with dating a Beckham. Brooklyn gets jealous easily, and didn't enjoy all the male attention she was getting.

"They had a couple of drinks and started trading insults. They are both still young, so of course everything is very impassioned at that age. Things escalated quickly, and they were in each other's faces, screaming and crying.

"Hana confronted Brooklyn and lashed out, and security waded in. David and Victoria were contacted and made aware of the incident. Not surprisingly, they are seriously worried about the couple's toxic relationship and frustrated by all this humiliating public drama."

The couple later apologised to each other, and reunited at their hotel.

Beckham has previously dated American actress Chloë Grace Moretz, and American singer Madison Beer. He's also been linked to singer Rita Ora in 2017.