My first job was...

as a paperboy. I rode 20km every morning for $3 then spent $4 on chocolate back at the newsagents.

It taught me… about negative return on investment and how to trick a cheap and illegal labour force.

My big break came… probably when I was lucky enough to be thrown a late-night show on FM radio with my buddy Andy.


The last job I quit was… ANZ bank credit card collections in 2003. I quit because we were all going to Byron Bay and I had forgotten to put my leave form in and I really didn't want to miss that holiday.

The most famous person I've ever met is… probably the fame level has to be judged by level of personal security they had, so, Hillary Clinton. She very kindly agreed to be a guest on our radio show (at a location of her choosing, which could be secured by the Secret Service).

She was… exactly as you'd expect. Warm, thoughtful, super intelligent, very kind. I mean, she was the most powerful woman in the world and we were two idiots in tuxedos trying to give her some chips we'd made. She also had some great zingers.

The best time I've had on set was… any time you're making shows with your mates (which, thankfully, is most of the time).

But the worst was… There have been a few times making travel shows where you're filming and suffering from food poisoning / rough guts. That's never fun. Unless you can get the vomiting on camera, then it's great content.

My dream role would be… I always thought I'd make an excellent Khaleesi, but I'm beginning to worry that ship may have sailed.

Hamish Blake hosts reality series Lego Masters Australia, Wednesdays on Three.