Switzerland's first new concept "VIP bedroom" cinema has opened — but operators are not concerned that any hanky panky will take place during film screenings. Designed to entice consumers away from Netflix and back to the cinema, this new concept offers a cosy home-like movie experience — customers can be assured that the beds are freshly made after every film screening.

Weird habits, let's hear them

1. I can't eat square or rectangular sandwiches — only triangles.

2. Pretending I'm a bomb-disposal expert by stopping the microwave when it's got just one or two seconds to go.

3. If I have nothing to distract myself my mind starts running. I start to overthink everything from my future to my past. Even the littlest stuff. So I always have to find something to distract myself. My mind can get real annoying and dark.


4. I think of emergency/escape plans for every room/building I walk into for a variety of situations (public shooter, terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc).

5. I have literally zero things to hide on my phone but when I'm showing someone something and they take it I want to kill them.

6. I speed when I go over a bridge just in case it collapses.

7. I think about death a lot. My death; my loved ones' and how I'd react, how I'd deal. I'm convinced it's an endless coping mechanism so I'm never caught off-guard.

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You've been warned

Was doing a load of washing in Henderson and turned round and my boyfriend was starkers.
Was doing a load of washing in Henderson and turned round and my boyfriend was starkers.

Strange but true

1. In 2016, it was revealed that a Filipino fisherman kept a pearl weighing 34kg and worth more than $100 million under his bed for 10 years as a good-luck charm, unaware of its value.

2. Football's fastest red card took two seconds. Cross Farm Park Celtic striker Lee Todd remarked "f*** me" after a shrill parp of the whistle started a game against Taunton East Reach Wanderers, and was carded.


4. The Swedish word for speed bump is farthinder.

5. CLINOMANIA — the overwhelming desire to stay in bed.

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