Warning: Nothing but spoilers ahead.

With only one episode left to go before the highly-anticipated conclusion of Game of Thrones, the TimeOut Entertainment team share their thoughts on season eight, episode five: The Bells.

As Daenerys grieved her losses from episode four and Arya and The Hound closed in on their targets, the Battle of King's Landing kicked off, leading to one of the most brutal and intense episodes in Thrones history.


We wanted more violence and that's what we got. But rather than messing around with grand-scale zombie battles and dragon fights, we zoomed in on the cramped quarters of King's Landing and followed all our favourite characters through death, fire, and a crumbling city. We said goodbye to a couple of my favourites - Varys, The Hound, and most likely Cersei - but they all got incredibly fitting send-offs. It was particularly satisfying to see Cersei's strength finally break, but at the same time, her refusal to die on anyone's terms but hers.

Arya continued to be the