Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee has announced that the band will release a new album next year, nine years after their self-titled offering hit the charts.

Telling SiriusXM's Grant Random that 2019 is "a creation year", Lee went on to say that in between shows and festivals the band would get together and start the writing process for the new album.

She also said that fans will have new music by "hopefully next year."

"We're just gonna get together and see what happens this month, and start doing that more regularly until we feel like we're ready to do it," Lee said.


The band's fans were quick to respond online, jumping on Twitter to show support:

Last year Lee told a US radio station that the band was enjoying the freedom offered by streaming services: "I just think it's cool to be able to have this freedom to commit to less and do more," she said.

"I'm totally open to doing a few songs instead of an album here and there, and see what happens."