Can't argue with that

If you're not a confrontational person, having to argue with someone can be a daunting task.

Luckily, Chinese online marketplace Taobao now offers people the chance to hire a "professional quarreller" to argue on their behalf. You can find virtually anything on Taobao — homework-writing robots and even hiring people to eat your favourite treats so you don't have to. The "quarrelling by proxy", which gives people the chance to hire strangers to argue or simply harass someone on their behalf, for a small fee is the latest.

Mother's Ruin on Toast

Love a whole New World

"When we met, he was studying psychology. On our first date, we split a mushroom flatbread — my choice, because I'm a vegetarian. After three months, we moved in together and he started doing all the cooking.

"A few years and many vegetables later, he began curing his own meats. In a New York City apartment, this meant salami hanging next to my winter coat. He started interning at a butcher shop and soon left psychology behind. I'm a vegetarian marrying a butcher this summer. That's our idea of true love". ( A Tiny Love Story by Shannon Cleary in the NYT )


Pick of the crop

Kmart towels are Australian grown. Spotted by Sylvia Zlami. Photo / Supplied
Kmart towels are Australian grown. Spotted by Sylvia Zlami. Photo / Supplied

What your mother really wants for Mother's Day

A lovely card with a handwritten note saying why said kid appreciates me, and listing some reasons why, would be all I want. And a nap. And for someone else to cook dinner.

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