Kiwi audiences know and love Paul Sinha as The Chase's quiz superstar "The Sinnerman", but he's also a long-time comedian who made his New Zealand debut on Saturday night.

So does the quiz master have what it takes to get a Kiwi audience belly-laughing? Stewart Sowman-Lund went to Sinha's first NZ Comedy Festival gig to find out.

"Who are we seeing tonight exactly?"

"You know, it's that guy from The Chase."

I heard several iterations of this conversation while queuing outside The Classic to see Paul Sinha.

'The Sinnerman', as he's better known from the popular British quizzing show, is in New Zealand for the first time. But it's even more than just his first time in New Zealand; he says it's his first solo international show ever.


While he might be most well-known for his intellect, Paul Sinha's had an incredibly diverse life.

Born to conservative parents, Sinha followed in the family line and became a