As the sun rises over the rippling waters of the Pacific Ocean on a Friday morning, the people of Napier will be raving ... with headphones.

It's a concept that is a first for Napier - the Dawn Rave, otherwise known as a silent disco, where music gets a person's brain and body buzzing before their day at work or at school.

Organiser David Pons said attendees receive wireless headsets that are connected to a transmitter, and have the option to choose from three different music
genre channels.

Whether it be the latest pop music or the good old Kiwi banger, there's going to be plenty to shake people awake.


The free event will be held on May 10 near Magnet Cafe on Marine Parade from 6.30am until 9am.

Pons said the inspiration came from a dawn rave in Nelson which took place in early April with more than 200 people attending.

"We got in touch with the organisers as we just thought it was such a great idea so they've been really helpful in offering ideas for it," Pons said.

"We just thought it was a really good to get people motivated for their day. It's a very simple concept ... people just come along, grab a pair of headphones and dance to music on the Friday morning before going to school or work just to get some exercise in and get some endorphins released."

Upon pitching the idea to friends, the reaction was mixed, as silent raves are about as common as the white rhino.

"I just think it's just good for the community to get a glimpse of it."

Pons said the event is open to any age and encouraged as many people as possible to come along.

"The cafe setting is perfect because people can grab a coffee and something to eat while they're there. We would love parents and their kids to come along and enjoy the morning."