Lizzo's latest offering kicks in with a soulful cry as she belts "I'm crying / cuz I love you", before heavy bass and brass kick up the dramatics and a playful piano melody floats under Lizzo's talk-rapping.

Then there's that chorus - reminiscent of the highest points of Beyonce's Lemonade and Rihanna's Anti but with even more punch than both.

After that, the album is wall-to-wall bangers with dance bop Like A Girl (which sounds like what Katy Perry probably wishes a Katy Perry song sounded like), Juice (which has already been tipped to be the biggest hit of 2019), the unreservedly joyful self-love anthem Soulmate, and the club anthem waiting to happen, Tempo (featuring the one and only Missy Elliott).

Even the slower songs are ready-made hits, making up for what they lose in tempo with pure soul and vocal talent. Jerome is old-soul blues meets 2019 lyricism as Lizzo shows a casual lover the door because she deserves better.


On Crybaby, she gives context to the title track, on which she is overwhelmed by the love she feels for someone; and on Lingerie she gets sultry and sexy - a rare move for Lizzo, who soars over chord changes here with ease.

Cuz I Love You offers the best of a bunch of musical worlds as Lizzo serves technical skill, hip-hop influence, pure pop, rap elements, and attitude - as well as a perfectly-timed lesson in loving yourself.

More importantly, you get the feeling that after years of self-doubt, dimming her glow in multiple girl groups and never quite opening up fully, Lizzo has finally arrived and she is glorious.

Lizzo, Cuz I Love You

Artist: Lizzo
Album: Cuz I Love You
Label: Warner Music
Verdict: Finally, Lizzo has arrived in undeniable style.