Superstar Mandy Moore is in New Zealand for what appears to be a luxury getaway.

The This Is Us actress and her friends have been posting to their Instagram stories after arriving at Auckland Airport on Thursday morning.

It appears they then took a small chartered plane north before hopping aboard a ferry to the Bay of Islands where they are staying at the luxury Eagle's Nest retreat.

The group - which includes Moore's glam squad the Streicher sisters, and friend Chase Weideman - took a quick break at Auckland airport for an unconventional breakfast of Proper Crisps chips and Mentos.

Snacks are life. Photo / Instagram
Snacks are life. Photo / Instagram

They then documented their journey, including their first time boarding a ferry in a car.

But the real jewel of the trip was when the arrived at Eagle's Nest and were in awe of the beauty there, with one friend posting a video of Moore admiring the scenery with the caption: "We are not worthy".

Checking out his bedroom, Weideman joked: "I don't know if this is gonna do, I just don't know" before filming his view of the ocean from this bed and sighing: "Oh my God."

It's unclear why the crew are in New Zealand as yet.

Mandy Moore's views over Kerikeri. Photo / Instagram
Mandy Moore's views over Kerikeri. Photo / Instagram

Moore was one of the many celebrities who shared a message of condolence after the Christchurch mosque shootings.

On Twitter, she said: "Waking up to the news of a terrorist attack in New Zealand in places of worship, where people are at their most vulnerable & should feel safest is heart shattering.

"We MUST unite together as a global community to combat this unendingly destructive rhetoric of white nationalism. My heart is with all New Zealanders and the Muslim community there and around the globe."