A You Are Us/Aroha Nui Christchurch concert promoter has hit back at those criticising Six60 for playing a song containing lyrics about guns and bullets last night, saying he backs the band "100 per cent".

Upwards of 20,000 people packed into Christchurch Stadium last night and spent three-and-a-half hours rocking out to homegrown talents Lorde, Dave Dobbyn and Shapeshifter.

All proceeds went to the Our People, Our City fund, set up to help those affected by the Christchurch mosque attacks.

However, some of the concertgoers were unhappy when Six60 performed hit Vibes because of "inappropriate" lyrics within the song.


The lyrics include: "I'm a loaded gun, got my aim on you/ It turns out that you ain't bulletproof" and "got the loaded gun, I hope your aim is true".

But a co-promoter for the event, Brent Eccles, was saddened that fans were focusing on the negative when the concert ended up being "incredible".

"For a band that went out of their way, cancelled shows, cancelled press, really did the hard yards to even play that event, for something like this to be said it is incredulous.

"I stand by the band 100 per cent. They gave it their all, went out of their way to come play these shows and I don't think they deserve this criticism at all."

Eccles said the band helped raise a lot of money for those involved in the Christchurch terror attack as they sold a lot of tickets.

"That's the most important thing and that's what we should be talking about, really," he said.

Eccles also defended the song Vibes, saying that the hit is about love and people shouldn't take the lyrics out of context.

After the event, fans on social media pointed out that the song was not appropriate for the event because of the lyrics.


However, some fans were over the moon about their performance, praising them especially for singing Don't Forget Your Roots.