The behaviour exhibited on this year's season of Married at First Sight Australia was so shocking that a Channel 9 boss has declared changes will be made to the show.

According to, Channel 9's head of content, production and development, Adrian Swift, was stunned by what he saw on the show.

"The brilliance of the producing in MAFS is that we managed to keep up with those f***ers (the contestants)," Swift told The Australian.

"They do things that we would not even conceive of. They come up with storylines that we haven't even thought of, and the problem we have, and you've seen it this year, is it went to places that we thought were just a bit tawdry, and we didn't want it to go there."


Last month, the show's executive producer John Walsh said he wanted "less cheating and drama" for the show's return in 2020.

"It would just be absolute chaos if it was all cheating and all drama," he told

"While it's fun to watch and it's great promo, I don't think people will watch if that's all it is."

This year's season has featured affairs, fights, and one husband calling his wife the c-word.

Over 25,000 people have signed a petition asking for the show to be taken off air.

"This show has highlighted and given the message that adultery, cheating, lying and partner swapping is okay and you'll be rewarded if you partake in it," says the petition.

"It's wrong and immoral and should be banned from ever being broadcasted again."