North West - that kid is a mood!

If you don't know who I'm talking about, your interest in pop culture is likely to be zero, which also means I'm probably going to lose your interest pretty quick.

For those who don't know and are interested, she's the sassy daughter of hip hop superstar Kanye West and his reality television star/businesswoman/brand of a wife, Kim Kardashian. North West is all of five and yes, my column this week is about her and her family (eye rolls unwanted, thanks).

Since at least January, Kanye has been hosting a Sunday Service where music has been the centre of the whole spectacle.


Based on the name, you'd assume Sunday Service is a religious or spiritual event. I have no idea if it is or not, I don't know and I've not looked that deep into it. But there are plenty of so-called churchgoers online slamming the goings on of the service despite there really being no confirmation whether it is religious, or not (eye rolls welcome).

From what I have seen the way I'd describe it would be a soulful, weekly jam session, featuring a choir and musicians. It's also a service I'd be pretty stoked to be watching.

The location changes often. The service has moved from a desert backdrop, to indoors to even heading inside a plane dubbed "Soul Plane". Last week, Kim announced Sunday Service would even be part of the Coachella music festival on Easter Sunday, changing its location yet again and the size of it's audience - going from a small, intimate gathering to an audience of thousands.

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We've seen the videos Kim has shared of the regular Sunday Service on social media and we've watched North as she watches on, fully absorbed by what's going on around her and visibly entertained.

Over the last month, we've also seen North become more involved. She's gone from a spectator to a genuine, star of the show.

Slowly, she's become more prominent in the social media videos. Often seen prancing around, talking and dancing with friends during the service, with mic in hand of late.

One of my favourite social media videos of the year is a sassy sunglasses-wearing North West at Sunday Service, leaning on a young friend, both in black head to toe, dancing along to the music. I hope I'm that cool when I grow up.

Just last week, she was front of stage, with her own standing microphone.


North West looks set to become a superstar performer like her dad and I'm wondering how long it will be before North is taking her own service.

We all know Kanye doesn't lack confidence, having even compared himself to Jesus in the past, but I'm confident he'll have no problem passing the musical torch on to his mini-me when he's done. Not because it will be a sign of someone passing him on his own musical genius radar, but because she's a part of him.