Pebbles Hooper, daughter of WORLD fashion designer Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, has taken aim at Instagram influencers who she says are displaying fake sympathy over the Christchurch terror attack to further their personal brand.

In posts in her Instagram stories, Hooper has called out a number of Kiwi influencers on Instagram accusing them of using the Christchurch tragedy to benefit their personal brand.

She accuses them of "commercialising off deaths".

Hooper shared screenshots from other accounts and called them out for the way they are handling the tragedy.


One of her examples was Kiwi Instagram influencer Lucy Revill, who has posted about wanting to do more than offering "#thoughtsandprayers" so decided to donate 50 per cent of her profits from ads booked through her agent during March and April (excluding agent's fee and 15 per cent GST).

Hooper called it a "blatant advert of self promotion".

She also took aim at influencer Simone Anderson, saying she showed "her true colours [white only]" last week, when she reportedly posted on Instagram stories a video of her boyfriend putting on a fake accent to mock an Uber driver which, according to Hooper, Anderson then laughed at.

"Y'all make me sick," Hooper said in her Instagram stories.