Kiwi superstar Lucy Lawless has taken to Twitter to sing a heartfelt tribute for not only those directly affected by the Christchurch terror attack, but a country in shock.

The Xena: Warrior Princess star posted a video of herself singing a song from the TV series, looking red-faced and teary-eyed.

Lyrics include lines like: "Our hearts are hurting beyond words / the pain is tearing up my soul / these days have seen my spirit die / a life propelled out of control".

She captioned it: "Because I know you will understand. #Xenites #Xena". The song - which was written by Joseph LoDuca and nominated for an Emmy - featured in an episode of Xena called The Bitter Suite.


Lawless' video is just one of many tweets the star has made in the aftermath of the Christchurch mosque shootings.

She first posted: "Hearts are hurting. #mosqueshooting has all of NZ on edge. Don't let the haters win. Reach out to Muslim Kiwis. Extend a hand. Tell them U feel deeply pained by what happened &that U will be no part of this hatred. They came traumatized, looking 4safety. Give them love. Please!"

Since then, she's also posted short messages like, "I am dying inside" and "I just can't stop weeping". She also added: "I am sickened by what has occurred in my country. All NZers are suffering tonight. We did not think it could happen here."

She has also been open in voicing her opinion on New Zealand's gun law's, encouraging fans to sign a petition to let PM Jacinda Ardern know "she has our full support".