Slutever (Neon)

This could be just what you need to finally fill that post Sex and the City void in your life. Vogue sex columnist and Vice contributor Karley Sciortino explores modern-day sexuality in the Tinder-swiping, gender fluid and sex-positive generation. She asks all the questions you've wondered about (and plenty you haven't) and lifts the lid on what people really get up to behind closed door. Watch her dive straight into the world of sugar babies, camming, VR porn and sex witches in this form of self-described "enlightened voyeurism". Streaming from next Thursday.

Homeland (Lightbox)

When the sixth season of Homeland ended in a heroic hail of gunfire and subsequent death of long-time fan favourite Peter Quinn, many were ready to give up on the show. They wondered where the spy drama could possibly go from there. Well, there's good news for fans who are sticking around, because season 7 is said to be the best in years. The previous seasons have seen presidents enter and leave the office, international incidents flare up and die down, and through it all, Carrie and Saul have survived. Now Carrie is out of the White House and ready to take on the Keane administration.

Queer Eye for The Straight Guy (Lightbox)

Netflix may have introduced Queer Eye to a new millennial audience but Lightbox is going old school, revisiting the original Fab Five. Comprised of an interior designer, a fashion stylist, a chef, a beauty guru and someone known as the "concierge of cool" - who is responsible for all things hot, like music and pop culture, the Fab Five is on a mission to help straight men of the world live a little more fabulous. With help from family and peers, the crew reinvents the straight man and educates him on everything he needs to know. Streaming from Saturday.

Arrested Development (Netflix)

The final half of what is reportedly the final season of cult comedy fave Arrested Development finally arrives on Netflix.
If you're not familiar with the highly dysfunctional Bluth family and the show's absurd antics and deep, deep in-jokes then it's advisable to head back to the start rather than diving in here. But as the Bluth saga races towards conclusion fans will be hoping for answers. There's a lot to tie up; murder trials, border walls, software hoaxes, crippling debts, criminal activity, the Golden Girls (wait, what?) and involvement from the gay mafia. All eight eps are being dumped tomorrow. Binge ahoy!