Scribe has a message for anyone offended by a "spoken word poem" he posted on Instagram questioning International Women's Day.

The message - "f*** off".

The rapper - recently known better for his drug, alcohol and legal battles - shared his poem in an Instagram post on Saturday afternoon.

"It's hard for me to fathom celebrating something that from my perspective doesn't exist," the poem read.


"I hear women talk. Always talking s***. Backstabbing each other. Body shaming, blaming, judging each other? You'll never hear a dude talking like that brother.

"Claiming you want equality like you're a minority. To see you treated fairly would never bother me. So my apologies if you're offended, but don't get all defensive.

"I love my sisters so that is not my intention. I'm just saying be mindful of what you say and do... coz it's not us bringing you down, look around and see it's you."

Hip-hop artist Malo Ioane Luafutu, aka Scribe, leaves the Christchurch District Court. New Zealand Herald Photograph
Hip-hop artist Malo Ioane Luafutu, aka Scribe, leaves the Christchurch District Court. New Zealand Herald Photograph

The post quickly gained dozens of comments, many calling him out for "misogynistic" views.

"Wow that's some f***** up misogynistic thinking. Is it 1950 where you are?"

"You got a story and perspective and talent no one else does, this s*** is misogynistic as f*** [though]," said one person.

"Mad love bro and all for opinions but as a female trust me it's definitely not how it is," said another.

Last night, following contact from the Herald seeking comment on the post, Scribe responded again online.


He did not apologise for the poem, but explained his "work" further.

"If you caught feelings from my spoken word poem then it's because you're the type of woman described in the poem," he said.

"To all the ladies who liked the poem, I truly salute you. You are a bearer of truth.

"If you think I'm mysoginistic (sic) because of it, you have a long road ahead of you to finding the truth.

"I stand by my words and have no further comment.

"Now f**k off."

People responded to the second post with further disdain.

"You're the kind of fascinating relic that we should study to learn why the old system isn't working," said one person.

"We can't learn from you because you refuse to evolve, your whole world was shaken to a negative place because women get their own day - a day!?

"It's pretty sad when you think about it. I feel sad for you. A dusty old patriarchy pillar."

Another blasted Scribe for his apparent attitude towards women.

"The measure of a man is how he treats women, and you just aren't measuring up bro. Once again, look within. Bye."

And another of his followers called him "sexist".

"Every negative thing you're saying about women is actually being shown in your own behaviour.

"Before you ask a half the world to make changes to their perceived behaviour, make changes in yourself."