Meghan Markle wasn't among the high-profile guests at today's BRIT Awards — and yet her presence was felt, thanks to another of the world's most famous women.

A regal-looking portrait of the newest member of the royal family, adorned in a crown and draped jewels, appeared in the background of Beyonce and husband Jay-Z's pre-taped acceptance speech as they won the Best International Group award for their album released as The Carters.

The staging, music and outfits worn during the acceptance speech were a clear homage to the couple's Apes**t music video, which was filmed in the Louvre in front of iconic artworks including the Mona Lisa.

But today, the Mona Lisa had been swapped out for Meghan Markle:

Photo / Twitter
Photo / Twitter

"Thank you so much to the BRIT Awards for this incredible honour; you guys have always been so supportive. Everything is love," said Beyonce, before the pair turned around to face the portrait of Meghan.

So what does it all mean? Many on social media are interpreting it as a show of support for Meghan against the barbs of the British tabloid media: