You know that feeling you get when you see someone your age doing really well, and you're happy for them, but you can't help but feel a strange little twist in your stomach as you misinterpret their success as your own failure, in a roundabout selfish way? The Other Two, screening every Friday on Comedy Central, takes that feeling to a hilarious extreme. It follows two siblings in New York - Brooke, 30, essentially homeless, and Cary, 28, a struggling actor - whose 13-year-old brother becomes an overnight YouTube sensation in the same vein as early Justin Bieber. The show, from SNL alumni Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, features hilarious observations on millennial life as the siblings struggle to find their place in the world. It's a comedic and fulfilling watch, elevated by a scene-stealing Molly Shannon as the siblings' overexcited momager.


If anything good comes from last week's distressing New York Times story on Ryan Adams, I hope it's more people discovering Phoebe Bridgers, the folk singer-songwriter who was among the women who spoke out against Adams. I was late to the party on Bridgers, discovering her via last year's excellent Boygenius EP, and I've since fallen in love with her debut record Stranger in the Alps over the past few weeks. She tells stories of young heartbreak and loss with devastating vulnerability and care, and can somehow make fragility sound powerful. It's a record that feels mysterious and timeless, but also specific to times and places that the listener can slip themselves into.



Theatremakers Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan are bringing their latest creation, Working On My Night Moves, to the Basement Theatre next week, completing a trilogy of visceral, weird, gripping feminist theatre that began with Power Ballad and If There's Not Dancing at the Revolution, I'm Not Coming. Working On My Night Moves looks to the future, laying down theories and strategies for a feminist utopia that elevates and explores the female and non-binary gaze. Croft and Madhan are both award-winning artists, and this is sure to be another thrilling, thought-provoking blend of theatre and performance art.


I'm heading to Splore for the first time this weekend, and I can't wait to dance the weekend away to some of our best local artists. The Beths will be there, continuing their 2018 winning streak, as well as the prodigal Jess B and witchy pop royal Princess Chelsea. I also can't wait for the local DJ acts on the line-up - including tastemakers K2K, Aw B and Peach Milk.