Self-inflicted horrors you'd love to take back

Model Christine Teigen (@chrissyteigen) asked her twitter followers for most embarrassed moments, claiming that her own mortally cringe-worthy experience had been written and sent to her lawyer, to be tweeted when she died. Yet her followers were more forthcoming ...

1. "I'm a wedding photographer and we were setting up family photos. I started yelling, 'I need the bride's parents! Bride's parents! Can someone find the bride's parents?' Finally someone said, 'I suppose we could make a visit to the cemetery.' They'd died when she was younger."
2. "I worked as a waiter at a trendy restaurant in NYC during college (I had never been one before) and I tripped and spilled a pomegranate margarita on Christy Turlington's white dress while she was having lunch with Vera Wang."
3. "Waiting tables. Broke a woman's nose with a salad plate."
4. "Accidentally cc-d the employee I was demoting on an email to HR detailing her various short-comings."

Dry as a bone

"The flowers outside Takapuna Library are dying of neglect," says a reader. "The nearby Hurstmere Green has similarly been neglected. The council is always telling us what a wonderful vibrant place they are going to make Takapuna. A little bit of watering could help."

"The flowers outside Takapuna Library are dying of neglect," says a reader.

And they reckon cats have nine lives ...

A reader writes: "To the wonderful lady who found my dog in the middle of the road, just out of Pūtāruru, playing dodgems with cars, you were the only one who stopped to pick her up and took her to a vet with the hope she was chipped and could be reunited with her owner.


"You could imagine my horror of her not being here when I got home but the delight of the message on the phone to say she was safe at the vet. Cannot thank you enough for saving my loyal companion, you can be rest assured she is well loved."

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Everybody feels lonely from time to time…

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