We asked Hayley Sproull the important questions ...

My first job was

… as a paper girl when I was 10. I delivered the Evening Post and was severely underpaid.

It taught me… that paper bags are far too heavy for underage children to carry, and will result in a slipped rib that will haunt your adulthood.


My big break came … fingers crossed it's soon? I mean, I'm having a big break right now and loving it. Get up at 10am, go to the beach. Everyone needs a big break. But seriously, probably when I played Richard III at high school. That performance will surely be remembered in the history books of the future.

The last job I quit was … a cafe job because I was off to drama school to become famous. The cafe was across the road from Parliament so I served lots of politicians - John Key sure loves a pesto scroll.

The most famous person I've ever met is … I pashed Lucy Lawless once. It was in a stage show and she didn't know the pash was coming but it was life-changing. I got off stage and instantly texted my mum, "I just pashed Xena, Warrior Princess." She was very proud. Three years at drama school had paid off.

They were ... soft and warm. It was a tender pash. Lucy was doing a show where the celebrity guest knew nothing and had to go with the flow. When the opportunity presented itself for a stage kiss, she just dove in.

The best time I've had on set was … any set, any time you and another person get the giggles. It's a special kind of torture that is so fun it's horrible.

But the worst was … when a woman scolded me for not fitting the costume. Don't do that to other women, babe.

My dream role would be … Patti Smith. But I'm too big-boned and tall so, I guess, this generation's Briscoes lady.

Hayley Sproull is a comedian and regular on 7 Days. See her Facebook page - @hayleysproullcomedy - for upcoming shows.