show presenter Hayley Holt has refuted claims that she is leaving the show to start her own beauty company.

TVNZ is taking legal action against a scam website selling argan oil products that claims Holt is leaving the station in order to start her own company.

Multiple viewers got in touch with the show to tell them they lost money after dealing with the argan oil website, leading the hosts to address the issue on the show today.


"We need to warn you about another scam doing the rounds," Holt said on Monday morning.

"Apparently the scam says I use a product called argan oil. The site then offers the chance to buy a sample of the product," she continued.

"But we've had a few of you get in touch to say you have been overcharged or charged multiple times, so we've started legal action to get these stories removed."

Holt joked that starting her own beauty company is "actually a great idea" but she's not leaving the TV show.

TVNZ is taking legal action against the argan oil website. Photo / Supplied
TVNZ is taking legal action against the argan oil website. Photo / Supplied

"I am not leaving Breakfast and I am not starting a beauty product company... yet."

This is not the first time Breakfast show hosts have been hit by scammers selling products online.

Back in September, both Holt as well as co-host Jack Tame were used by a website selling a Bitcoin investment scheme. The show's newsreader, Daniel Faitaua, has also been used as the face of a bitcoin scam site, and has had to address the situation live on air.

"Maybe as a general rule, if you see anything online, anything on Facebook from a member of the Breakfast team telling you to buy something, don't buy it," Tame said during the show.