If you're sick of the Baby Shark song, we have some really bad news for you.

Baby Shark is not only not disappearing off your screen any time soon, it's actually only going to get bigger this year.

Pinkfong, the team behind the Baby Shark phenomenon, has revealed they are working to release a series of short Baby Shark videos on Netflix, as well as a cartoon series.

In the US, the team is even going to go ahead and make Baby Shark: The Musical.


The videos will reportedly be available on Netflix from March but it is not yet known whether New Zealand Netflix users will get them at that date.

In an interview with Bloomberg News this week, Lee Seung-kyu, one of Pinkfong's founders, said the company is looking at expanding the Baby Shark phenomenon, with more videos and more merchandise to come.

Lee also said there could soon be Baby Shark-themed games in the near future.