Ariana Grande's new song has a lot of people talking - but not for the right reasons.

The pop star released 7 Rings on Friday, and it quickly became a hit, the video racking up 53 million YouTube views and breaking a 24-hour Spotify record with 15 million streams.

But 7 Rings was quickly flooded with accusations that aspects of the song and video had been borrowed from others, and that one of Grande's lyrics, about fake hair, is racist.

Grande has addressed the criticism in a now-deleted Instagram post, writing she was "so sorry" under a post about the lyric.


Rapper Princess Nokia was one of the first to speak out, posting a video to Twitter accusing the Coachella headliner's song of being too familiar to her own 2016 single Mine.

"Did that sound familiar to you?" she asks in the clip. "Because that sounds really familiar to me."

Soulja Boy also accused 7 Rings of sounding similar to his 2010 song, Pretty Boy Swag, posting a comparison video on Instagram in an attempt to prove it.

Rapper 2 Chainz addressed the 7 Rings video, saying it looked very similar to his own pink trap house in Atlanta.

7 Rings is from Ariana Grande's new album February 8.