Who will win the Game of Thrones? Punters have been putting their money where their loyalties lie for some time now. But betting has seen a sudden resurgence with HBO's announcement of the final season's start date.

Does this have anything to do with the ominous teaser trailer where three of the four surviving Stark children find their own graves in the crypt beneath their castle of Winterfell?

The world's betting agencies certain reveal what viewer's expectations are.


Online betting sites had the bastard Nightswatchman Jon Snow odds-on favourite immediately after the conclusion of Season 7.


At that time, the most common second favourite was the Mother of Dragons — Daenerys Targaryen. Though her potentially … complicated relationship with Jon does not bode well.

For either of them.

Surprisingly, the ambitious Lannister Queen Cersei saw a resurgence in popularity to take out third place after her devious final power plays of the season.

But, things have begun to change with the arrival of the first glimpses of what is to come.

Every detail has been analysed, deconstructed — theorised.


Now every detail has had time to be over-thought, the impact of the teasers has filtered through to the online betting sites.

According to BetOnline, Jon Snow maintains his lead. But with a reduced margin.

And that seems to be because his statue — even though apparently somewhat aged — appeared alongside those of his sisters in his family's burial chamber.


Bran Stark, however, is absent. Neither his physical nor wrought image appeared.

This may be why BoyleSports has now placed Bran Stark at 50-50 odds for taking the throne.

BoyleSports introduces an outsider as second favourite: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's child. But big questions of prophecy — and lineage — hang over its fate.

Daenerys and Jon are now tied as third favourites.


Naturally, betting houses are keen to find ways to take your money.

So you can also wager on who will be the first to die, and in what order they will depart the fantastically popular fantasy world.

BetOnline has the first fatality as most likely being Yara Greyjoy. The Mountain and The Hound are also frontrunners in the early death stakes. But a quick check with OddsChecker shows the betting board to be all over the place.

The list of contenders is huge. The diversity and complexity of its characters, after all, being one of the show's draw cards.