Harlech and Dunedin vie for steepest crown

A Welsh town is challenging Dunedin's claim to the title of Steepest Street In The World with its own virtually vertical residential road. Dunedin's Baldwin St has become a tourist hot spot since being crowned Steepest Street by Guinness World Records, with an exhausting 1:3 gradient, but now the residents of Harlech in Wales reckon Ffordd Pen Llech is one degree steeper with a gradient of 36 per cent to Baldwin's 35 per cent. These days Baldwin is a popular destination to take pictures at odd angles - creating the optical illusion of the houses being severely lopsided - and posting on social media. "I think a lot of tourists don't know this is a real street, that people actually live here," resident Beverley McClay tells The Guardian. "It's very social, very busy. I often come out in my dressing gown to meet people, and the tourists like to watch me stacking wood, they ask me what I am doing."

Strewth - lost in translation

"I'm Australian, she's Italian, and trying to get her to understand Aussie slang is really fun. I made the mistake of saying 'I could murder a cuppa' in front of her and she just gave me a blank stare. 'Chuck a sickie' was really fun too," writes Reddit user Awesome4some.

(Source: AskReddit)

Watermelon with a Salvador Dali moustache

"My niece opened this watermelon and laughed that it looked like a face (with a Salvador Dali moustache). I took a photo ... and then we demolished it," writes Rangiuru.

Yes we have no bananas ... on board

A reader writes: "No bananas on boats is a mariners' superstition. I believe the real reason is back when there was no refrigeration a load of bananas on a boat made all the other fruit go bad due to bananas' ability to make other fruit ripen quickly. That is why it's bad luck to have bananas on a boat."


Video pick

In a freak accident in Melbourne, Australia when a huge road sign from fell and the car behind had its dashcam on…(the occupant survived with minor injuries)

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