The 'Fiji Water Girl' who became an unlikely viral sensation at the Golden Globes has now been identified as a full-time model who used to be a social worker in Canada.

Kelleth Cuthbert was working for Fiji Water on the Globes red carpet yesterday, offering complimentary bottles of water to passing stars.

But Cuthbert swiftly became a meme for her frequent accidental photobombs, appearing behind a number of celebrities posing for photos.

Glamour magazine managed to track down Cuthbert for an interview, discovering she's a model and actress in her early thirties from Toronto, Canada, currently living in Los Angeles.


Cuthbert was once a social worker in Canada, specialising in mental health and addictions counselling, while modelling on the side. She took a year off to commit to being a model, and never returned.

"I do love a good meme, so I think it's incredibly ironic and funny that I'm one now," she told Glamour. "The first meme of 2019, apparently! My husband is laughing very hard about all of this.

"This is something I would go viral for. I feel like I've been photobombing people since I was a kid."

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Cuthbert reportedly took the Fiji Water gig as a side job between modelling and acting, and did her own hair and makeup for the awards.

"I wish now that I hadn't chosen to sleep in a little longer. I thought, I don't need to put that much effort into myself…no one's really going to see me."