New Zealand singer Kimbra has reportedly been slammed over her New Year's Eve performance on ABC in Australia.

The Kiwi songstress hit the stage just before 10pm and apparently Australian's weren't a fan of her rendition of Kylie Minogue's hit song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head."

Viewers noted that her vocals seemed off during the performance and some suggested she had messed up a seemingly "simple" song.

However others were kinder to the singer, blaming sound engineers or the singers microphone for the issues.


But it didn't take long for social media critics to take to Twitter and share their opinions on Kimbra's performance.

"Kimbra needs to be a singer that we used to know," one man shared on the platform.

"Why isn't Kimbra singing her own songs?" another person complained.

However the singer did earn praise for signing the songs in AUSLAN, Australian sign language.

Apparently Kimbra wasn't the only one in the firing line either, with the hosts Rove McManus and Hoot also coming under fire for their performance.

Even the fireworks didn't escape without punishment, with some viewers claiming the seven minute display was simply too short.