Rebel Wilson has become the victim of a photobombing incident manoeuvred by NBA superstar LeBron James.

But it didn't seem to bother the Pitch Perfect star, who proudly shared it with her 5.4 million Instagram fans.

Wilson was cheering courtside with fellow Aussie actor star Hugh Sheridan as the Los Angeles Lakers took on New Orleans Pelicans.

Taking a moment from cheering on the A-grade team, the two posed for a selfie, only to find that James had joined in on the fun.


"I call this the LeBron photo bomb," Wilson wrote as her caption.

In another collection of Instagram snaps, she mused over how she couldn't contain her "Australianess" at NBA matches.

When I'm courtside, I try to be cool like @lenawaithe & Alana (who were sitting next to her)," she wrote.

"But instead my Australianess comes out and I'm like I'm going to cheer, take constant videos and photos, take all the free candy, get hard into the free drinks, go into the team locker room, get ejected from the team locker room - you know like basically just go for it & get way too excited!

"Hopefully @kingjames didn't notice all my uncool actions because he was too busy crushing. Love the Lakers! You guys are so talented and I love you all. Maybe we should like, train together at some point?"

The Lakers won the Friday night game, 112-104.

Wilson - who this year was ordered to repay the majority of a landmark defamation payout - appears to have a fan in James, who previously admitted to loving her work in Pitch Perfect 2.

In 2015 when off the court after a loss during the NBA finals, James said Wilson's character, Fat Amy, had cheered him up.


"I went to the movies last week at a regular movie theatre," James said at the time.

"What is the movie with the girls and they're singing," he questioned, before recalling, "Pitch Perfect 2, which is unbelievable.

"Fat Amy is awesome. I love her. Wherever you are, you're awesome."