This is the hilarious moment a hairstylist quickly ducks off screen after the ABC newsreader asks her to jump out of the shot during a live broadcast.

The hairstylist is seen shaping and spraying Australia presenter Tamara Oudyn's hair when the she realises they had gone live.

"Can you jump out please?" Oudyn says. "Jump out, hurry".

The hairstylist then realises her mistake and quickly grabs her gear and ducks off screen.


"Are you kidding?," Oudyn asks before launching into the news.

Oudyn later explains what happened and where the confusion laid on Twitter.

"We went to air a minute earlier than we'd prepared for. I thought perhaps the director was trying to give us a scare. Hence 'are you kidding?', she wrote.

Others have praised Oudyn on the way she handled the blooper.

This footage may remind you of Natasha Exelby, a former ABC news presenter and national treasure who went viral over a three-second gaffe.

Exelby was caught daydreaming while doing the late-night coverage on ABC News 24.

Australian news presenter Natasha Exelby was presenting an evening bulletin when she found herself completely unaware she was back live on air. Source: ABC News 24

The clip immediately made the rounds online, with most people supporting the presenter's innocent gaffe.

She was later banned from future broadcasts, much to the dismay of many journalists and politicians around the country, who took to social media defending her.