Madonna has added more fuel to her long-running feud with Lady Gaga, taking to Instagram to call her out with a simple message: "Don't f*** with me".

According to the New York Post, the latest drama follows a video compilation of Gaga on her A Star is Born media tour saying: "There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don't believe in you, but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life."

The problem is that it sounds very similar to a famous quote given by Madonna.

Madge posted an Instagram story of herself being interviewed in the 1980s in which she says: "If there are 100 people in a room and 99 say they liked it, I only remember the one person who didn't."


Madonna also posted a photo of herself with the caption "Don't F**k with Me", and another video of her saying "sorry, not sorry".

The result has been a showdown in the comments between the pop divas' fanbases.

The feud between the pair has been ongoing since about 2012 when Madonna publicly said Gaga "references me a lot in her work" and called her track Born This Way "reductive".

The song has been compared to Madonna's hit Express Yourself, and Madonna said: "When I heard [Born This Way] on the radio … I said, 'That sounds very familiar.'"

In 2016, Gaga said: "Madonna and I are very different … I play a lot of instruments. I write all my own music. I spend hours a day in the studio. I'm a producer. I'm a writer. What I do is different."

However Gaga also stated in her 2017 Netflix documentary: "I still admire her, no matter what she might think of me."