Mel B was left visibly annoyed as host Susanna Reid read out her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte's domestic violence denial following her interview on Good Morning Britain.

The Spice Girl, 43, had appeared on the ITV breakfast show on Monday to discuss her new autobiography, Brutally Honest, where she candidly discusses suicide and being "tortured" by her abusive ex Belafonte, 43.

Stephen has denied the claims and as Mel's interview drew to a close, she slammed the show for giving her ex a "platform" as they read out his right of reply.

Show host Susanna was under instruction to include Belafonte's denial and as she wrapped up their chat with Mel B, she said: "It's been lovely to talk to you. We have to read a right of reply.


"Mr Belafonte has told us there are new litigation plans and he will be answering the allegations in full, which he denies."

However, as she read out the right of reply, Mel was heard off camera saying: "Oh god. [I] don't want to hear that."

Clearly irked, she then interrupted Piers Morgan as he plugged her autobiography, cutting him off mid-sentence by saying: "You shouldn't do the right of reply. He shouldn't have a platform to do a reply."

Piers then suggested that if Belafonte replies, Mel should "respond again", prompting her to hit back: "No. Why would I? Why would I get into a spat like that? It is what it is."

Piers assured the star that the co-hosts were instructed to read the right of reply, even though he didn't want to, by show bosses and had no choice, to which she curtly replied: "Well you shouldn't."

In the awkward exchange, he insisted he is "team Mel", with Susanna agreeing as she told the former X Factor judge: "I'm team Mel, don't worry. We're all team Mel."

Mel's new autobiography, Brutally Honest, talks about abuse and her suicide attempt, and the singer said she has no regrets about anything in the book, including her revelations about ex Belafonte - who she divorced in 2017 after ten years of marriage.

In response to Mel's claims on the show, presenter Jane Moore explained Stephen had been given a "right to reply", in which he "denied all the allegations against him".