Olivia Munn has hilariously called out a pilot, after learning he failed to ask her for a photo at his wife's request.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the actress, 38, shared screenshots of a text exchange between the married couple fan-girling over her being onboard the pilot's flight, the Daily Mail reported.

He had told his wife he'd seen Olivia, but couldn't quite muster up the courage to ask her for a picture together, prompting the X-Men: Apocalypse star to reach out to the pair on social media.

In the screenshots, the pilot can be seen telling his wife that Olivia is on his flight, with his wife then urging him to take a snap with the star or she wouldn't believe that he had seen Olivia.


Her husband wasn't so keen on tracking down the actress for a snap, telling his wife he 'didn't know what to say' to Olivia, as he sent her a selfie of him looking nervous at the thought of approaching the famous face.

His wife's reply read: "Just say 'hey my wife is a big fan' that way you don't look like a creep lol," before adding: "Invite her to see the cockpit."

The pilot assured his wife that he would try his best, but was later publicly called out by Olivia as she shared the text exchange, penning across it: "Adam!! You never asked for a pic, but I definitely would've taken one with you! Thanks for the safe flight. Happy Thanksgiving."

Olivia shared another screenshot of a tweet the wife had posted sharing her messages with her husband with The Ellen DeGeneres Show's Twitter account.

She revealed her husband had freaked out at seeing Olivia as she was his "free pass celebrity crush".

The wife tagged Olivia into the post and wrote: "My pilot husband's 'free pass' celebrity crush was on his flight last night and he froze," adding a slew of crying emojis.

Olivia responded: "Omg this is the cutest."

The amusing exchange comes after Olivia has been using her platform to raise awareness for the #MeToo movement - recently declaring that she will continue to speak up, even if it hurts her career.


She made the statement in an interview for Cosmopolitan's December issue, as she called for a change in Hollywood to abolish the "unfair stigma" surrounding women.

It comes after she fought to have her former co-star Steven Wilder Striegel - a registered sex offender - removed from new movie The Predator and bravely spoke out about disgraced director Brett Ratner, accusing him of sexual harassment.

The #MeToo movement has garnered much attention since last year, after famed Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein was faced with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

Many of Hollywood's leading ladies have come forward, recalling their own experience with sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace, as part of the wide-spread campaign across social media to raise awareness.

And having her say, Olivia has been vocal in her crusade to speak out against the unequal power at play in the movie industry. She told the publication: "I'm not for sale... if speaking up costs me my career, I don't want it anyway."

Olivia fought to have actor Striegel removed from movie The Predator after discovering he was a registered sex offender. Striegel spent six months in prison in 2010 after pleading guilty to risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer.

He was accused of attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship.

Striegel's scenes from The Predator were removed, following pressure from Munn on Warner Bros bosses, and she claimed following the decision, director Shane Black - who had been a friend of Striegel - "has not spoken to her since".

The victim of the actor has since publicly thanked Olivia for "standing up for her".

She tweeted: "I am also eternally grateful for Olivia Munn's action. She spoke up for me. She took a stance for me. In turn she stood for all who have suffered like I have.

"To be acknowledged by a stranger, on a public platform about this issue is incredibly empowering. The positive feedback from social media towards Olivia Munn is uplifting and feels incredibly supportive for me personally.

"I have no shame for what was done to me. I am not the one who needs to carry that shame. My name is Paige Carnes, former Jane Doe. I hope anyone who has suffered like I have regains their voice and their humanity."

Olivia replied telling the girl she had been an "inspiration" and thanked her for her "courage" and "fearlessness".