You know that feeling when you are so tired you are virtually a zombie? These people do ...

1. Was so tired after making lunch I sat down to resume watching TV. I tried to change the channel. Nothing happened because I was in fact holding a cucumber - the TV remote was in the salad drawer of the fridge.

2. I once went shopping and could hear a soft squeaking noise every time I walked. Eventually I turned around and I'd got a roll of sticky tape stuck to the shoulder of my cardigan and it was unravelling and dragging on the floor behind me. No one said anything. It looked like my pet.

3. Reading a magazine article last weekend. Couldn't quite make out something in the small accompanying picture and only just caught myself before I tried using two fingers to expand it for a better look.


4. The 5am taxi to the airport arrived. I handed my binbag to the driver and took my suitcase to the bin shed. He didn't blink when I came back to swap them over.

5. My sister-in-law once panicked that she couldn't find her mobile during a phone call to us on her mobile.

6. I recently poured the kettle into the teabag tin instead of the cups - 32 teabags gone.

7. I once poured a glass of Coke over my entire Christmas dinner instead of gravy.

(Via the delightful Twitter feed of @MooseAllain)

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The news day grinds to an almighty halt for the Australian Daily Mail.
The news day grinds to an almighty halt for the Australian Daily Mail.

It must be Halloween

What appeared at first glance to be a gruesome crime in a Wellington elevator turned out to be not so dire. Emergency services were called to an address on Vivian St after a man, in a nurse's outfit, was found unresponsive and covered in blood. RNZealand reports that after some prodding, it turned out the man, in Halloween costume and covered in fake blood, had passed out after drinking too much.

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