Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will show off her comedic chops in a special episode of Funny Girls tonight, to celebrate the 125th suffrage anniversary.

In this sneak preview clip, Ardern is joined by Pauline, the fictional Funny Girls producer played by Jackie Van Beek, as they announce the special.

However, Ardern has to grit her teeth somewhat as Pauline makes some wild proclamations - such as the claim that Kate Sheppard punched Prime Minister Richard Seddon in the throat.

Pauline also says she's hired an all-female crew for the suffragette special, with the added bonus that she doesn't need to pay them as much.


"You actually do. You definitely do," Ardern says through a clenched smile. "You definitely do need to pay them."

The Funny Girls Suffragette Special screens tonight on Three at 8.30pm.