Young Australian actor Sophia Forrest is rumoured to be dating Russell Crowe and she didn't shut down the idea when asked at a fashion event.

Ms Forrest chatted to journalists at Vogue's Fashion Night Out about her blossoming acting career, but according to a reporter for The Daily Telegraph, became "visibly rattled" when the conversation turned to her relationship with Crowe.

When asked, "Do you want to shut down the speculation?", she walked away mid-sentence, rushing back to her friends and a publicist, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Ms Forrest, 23, was photographed last week handing out with the 54-year-old Hollywood star at an NRL game in Sydney. She also post a selfie of with Crowe and a friend on her Instagram story.


Crowe has previously denied reports the pair are dating. Last year he slammed Woman's Day on Twitter for suggesting he and Ms Forrest were in a relationship.

"Dear @WomansDayAus. Can you not stuff your s**t-filled pages with deliberate lies about relationships I've never been in? Thanks in advance" he wrote last June.

The speculation began after the pair walked the red carpet and were photographed together at the Sydney premiere of The Mummy in May last year.

Ms Forrest has also posted a photo of Mr Crowe on her Instagram account.

Ms Forrest, from Perth, is the daughter of mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest.

She is best known for her work on Channel 9's Love Child and films Aquaman and The Water Diviner.

Ms Forrest was nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Popular New Talent at the Logie Awards this year, for her role as the rebellious Debbie Hampshire on Love Child.