TVNZ's Breakfast team shared memories of their colleague Greg Boyed this morning following the news of his death yesterday.

The team came off air yesterday to be met with the news that Boyed had died while on holiday with his wife and son in Switzerland.

Boyed's family released a statement yesterday saying the 48-year-old had been battling depression.

"Greg was the kindest and most caring man, a devoted father who cherished and loved his two children.


"We are all struggling to comes to terms with this," the family said.

Reflecting on air this morning, host Jack Tame said "most of us are just kind of spinning at the moment".

"It's a real privilege for us to get up and to have a bit of a laugh and to try and give you the energy for your day, but of course when you lose a friend like this, it is honestly all that any of us are thinking about," he said.

Joined by Hayley Holt, Daniel Faitaua and Matty McLean, the four spoke of the impact Boyed had on their lives and on others who knew him.

"For someone who was obviously really struggling and battling with his own demons, the one enduring thing that I've heard so many people talk about around TVNZ yesterday was just what a kind and caring guy Greg was," McLean said.

"So many of the younger reporters and producers as well were always saying, of any of the presenters or senior members of the TVNZ family he was always the one that was encouraging, and making sure everyone was ok, and looking after people, giving them advice and giving them help and he was just such a lovely, lovely man.

"It's so sad to think that he was obviously struggling with so many things of his own but on the outside was so willing to offer help and support to everyone else," McLean said.

Faitaua, who gave an emotional tribute to Boyed on the midday news yesterday, said it was the small things Boyed did that he'll remember.


"Some of the memories I have with Greg was working as a 6pm reporter and often staying behind and doing late crosses and you'd get back to your hotel room and it's like midnight and you'd check your emails and there was one from Greg that was always saying 'thanks for taking the time out'."

Faitaua said Boyed was not only a mentor but he had a "charismatic and witty sense of humour".

"Greg was just down to earth, and these demons, I think it's just a reminder to us all to check in on everyone."

McLean said if anything came out of yesterday it was the volume of love going around.

"One of the most lovely things was just looking around the newsroom and seeing all of the massive hugs that people were giving," he said.

"I know a lot of messages were sent back and forth yesterday between colleagues who were just checking in and saying we love you and we love working with you and spending time with you.

"There was a lot of love yesterday in amongst what was a really horrific, terrible, sad day for us here."

Tame said the news was a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, to ask for help and to "please tell people you love them".

TVNZ's Head of News and Current Affairs, John Gillespie, released a statement yesterday saying the news had come to a huge shock to all at TVNZ.

"Greg was a prominent figure in our newsroom for the last 25 years. He was a wonderful man and a talented broadcaster who strongly believed in the power and importance of journalism in people's lives. Greg was known for his warmth and kindness. It's a very personal loss for us.

"Greg will be missed by us, he will be missed by our colleagues in the wider industry and he'll be missed by our viewers. Our thoughts are with Greg's whānau and friends."


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