Neil Diamond may have retired from the road due to Parkinson's disease, but he said he's working hard to get back onstage.

"Well, I'm doing pretty well. I'm active. I take my meds. I do my workouts. I'm in pretty good shape. I'm feeling good. I want to stay productive. I still have my voice. I just can't do the travelling that I once did, but I have my wife there supporting me [and] friends," he said.

"It does have its challenges, but I'm feeling good and I feel very positive about. I'm feeling better every day. Just dealing with it as best I can, and just keep the music coming."

The 77-year-old cancelled planned concerts when he announced he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in January. Still, fans can see the icon perform with Hot August Night III, a live concert CD/DVD chronicling his return to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles in August 2012.


The two-hour-plus performance featuring 33 songs celebrated the 40th anniversary of his original Hot August Night live album, also recorded at the Greek in August 1972. He performed 10 shows at the venue that month.

"It brings back memories — very deep, loving and warm memories," he said of his performance. "Playing there and doing music relating to the audience, it was special. It's a special experience for me."

He said the 2012 show was "one of the best live performances that I've done and I'm proud of it".