David Farrier says a second season of Dark Tourist depends on "how this season goes".

Tweeting in response to questions over whether the Netflix series will receive a second order, Farrier encouraged people to support the show.

"A lot of questions about a season 2," he said. "It all comes down to how this season goes... so, tell your friends, non-friends, family & total strangers to give it a hoon.

"Thanks for all the lovely feedback, thanks for going exploring with me!"


Dark Tourist

is New Zealand's first Netflix original series.

, Farrier said filming the show had an affect on his sleeping patterns.

"I can't nap anymore... Do you ever get that thing... you have a little nap in the afternoon and your head's in this dopey state and then it suddenly hits you out of nowhere; 'OH F**K ME I'M GONNA DIE!'."

"Oh God... I can't sleep. I can't sleep anymore. My life sucks now."