With many of the Wii U's best titles coming to the Switch it was only a matter of time before the popular action game Hyrule Warriors hacked its way on to Nintendo's hit hybrid console. In a lot of ways it's a perfect fit.

You can easily get your fill in small 20-minute gaming sessions mowing down hordes of enemies on the bus, and you can easily lose an hour completing missions from the comfort of your couch with the Switch sitting safely in its dock.

It may look like a mind-numbing distraction, where the only goal is to look cool wielding a sword while unrelenting armies constantly bombard you. And you can play it like that. For a while anyway. But soon enough, elements of strategy will have to come in to play if you want to progress.

On the surface this appears to be a basic hack-and-slash but in reality it becomes more like a fast-paced version of the board game Risk.


However, I did find the locations a bit too maze-like, and needed to rely on the map to get around. In high-pressure situations, running to the next area only to see you are going the wrong way can get frustrating.

But that complaint is overshadowed as you progress and gain new characters, power ups and combos with which to reclaim Hyrule from the hordes.

This new edition is certainly a high-value proposition as it contains all the previously released content for the Hyrule games that appeared on both the Wii U and the 3DS. This means an abundance of maps to battle on, missions to complete and Zelda characters to unlock. It's the best kind of fan service.

Combining the tactical action genre with Nintendo's much-loved characters and worlds from The Legend of Zelda series is a great fit and I don't see any Zelda fan not wanting this addition in their collection.