Comedian Corey White's revelation on ABC's Q&A about getting raped during his shocking childhood in foster care has drawn strong support on Twitter.

The Roadmap To Paradise TV series writer said on Monday night's edition of the Australian TV programme: "I got a PhD in getting raped."

"I was in and out of foster care until the age of 10.

"I experienced rape, physical abuse, sexual abuse, starvation.


"My mother died of a heroin overdose when I was 10 and I was in one particular foster home that was absolutely horrific."

Asked by acting host Hamish Macdonald what happened there, White said, "All the bad things.

"Lots and lots of rapes. Got a PhD in getting raped and the foster mother was absolutely awful."

White was responding to a question from a woman who had been ejected from out-of-home care aged 18 and struggled in "unsafe traditional housing" while trying make it to university.

Corey White said the rates of failure among foster home children was "extraordinary" and described out-of-home care as "broken".

"There was a report recently that young homeless people, 60 per cent of them have just left foster care," he said.

"So 60 per cent of the young homeless are former foster kids.

"You have extraordinary rates of mental illness, of drug abuse, of jail, imprisonment and jail among former foster kids.


"And we live in a time now where something like 60 per cent of young people are staying home with their parents.

"Rent is very expensive. The cost of living is so high. They want to stay there while they can work and study."

On Twitter, @PWThorngill posted " My God this guy Corey White is unbelievably brave".

ChadMichael tweeted, "Corey is my mirror. Thankyou for having him share. So much in the dark".

Rachel Terese @Rachiexxxxxx tweeted, "Corey White you're an incredible human being. I was adopted.

"My 2 half sisters were fostered. They went through 70+ Foster homes. Yes increase the age to 21 & fix the system its broken."

A QandA viewer tweets support for Corey White (above with Monday's fellow panellists) after he reveals his horrific childhood. Photo / ABC
A QandA viewer tweets support for Corey White (above with Monday's fellow panellists) after he reveals his horrific childhood. Photo / ABC

QandA's debate then moved on to the economy and "trickle-down economics".

Corey White quipped, "oh golden shower economics", the comment inspiring further support on Twitter.

"It's not about Corey White's intellectual domination of all the arguments. It's his honesty, comprehension and caring. Respect," tweeted @call_me_tomasso.

"Rest of the panel are ethical slugs and shills for their parties by comparison. Amazing Corey White. #qanda".

Monday's QandA panel also followed up the current row between senators Sarah Hanson-Young of the Greens and David Leyonhjelm.

Leyonhjelm is accused of making sexist remarks about Hanson-Young who he claimed had implied all men were rapists, which she denies.

On QandA, Shadow Health Minister Catherine King called Leyonhjelm "a complete and utter d**k".

Australian Conservatives leader, Cory Bernardi, was asked if Donald Trump should be invited to address the Australian Parliament given allegations of sexual misconduct.

Bernardi said he wanted to "note all of these accusations were levelled at Donald Trump before he was the President of the US, unlike Bill Clinton, unlike JFK if you want to go back that far.

"You can continue to delve into the character issues and failings of politicians.

"In reality, he is the president of the most powerful country in the world.

"If he comes to Australia he should be invited to dress a joint sitting of the Parliament, just like we've done for other world leaders, many of whom have character issues themselves.

"There's a courtesy in politics if a man is the head of one of your great allies, and they occupy the most powerful political position in the world, that you'd expend the courtesy to the position."

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