They are the oldest contestants to compete on The Block NZ but these Gisborne parents are unfazed.

A new season of the MediaWorks show begins next month and beauty therapist Amy Moore, 39, and plumber Stuart Watts, 46, are the oldest in the show's history by combined age.

"We'll just have to see how much spark those young ones have got," Moore said.

The pair are passionate designers and builders, and live under one roof with their blended family and two cats.


Moore said she can be bit of a hothead, and more than a little stubborn, while Watts said he's the life of the party with a penchant for dad jokes.

Blue team Ben and Tom, both 24, from Auckland. Photo / THREE
Blue team Ben and Tom, both 24, from Auckland. Photo / THREE

They were encouraged to apply for the show by friends who thought they would make good television.

"They think I've got a good eye for design, and Stu's a real character, everybody loves him," Moore said.

"He's got some good banter and some good jokes. I think they thought we would be entertaining."

MediaWorks have confirmed this season of The Block NZ will be filmed in West Auckland's Hobsonville Point over 12 weeks, where teams will design contemporary three-storey family homes.

The location was revealed by the Herald on Sunday last month with one resident saying he hoped it didn't create congestion.

The Block NZ has previously been filmed in Takapuna, Belmont, Point Chevalier, Sandringham/Three Kings and Meadowbank.

Purple team Chlo and Em, both 25 ,from Palmerston North. Photo / THREE
Purple team Chlo and Em, both 25 ,from Palmerston North. Photo / THREE

Last year's season of the home renovation show ended controversially, with a last-minute second auction awarding the top prize to Nate Ross and Andy Murdie, whose house took only $31,000 over reserve, instead of Stace Cottrill and Yanita McLeay, who were initially thought to have won.


Moore and Watts said they weren't put off by the events of last season.

"I really felt for all of them, not only the lack of making money, but what happened at the end of the auction," Moore said.

"But I don't think that put us off at all. We didn't do this to win a lot of money, we did it for the experience, and for something that our kids will be really proud of."

Other contestants this year include childhood friends Ben Speedy, 24, and Tom Waalkens, 24, from Auckland, mates Claire Rapira, 26, and Agni Bhorkar, 23, from Hamilton, and best friends Chlo Hes, 25, and Em Blanchett, 25, from Palmerston North.

Blanchett is no stranger to DIY, owning and renovating her first home in Palmerston North which she shares with three flatmates.

Red team Claire, 26, and Agni, 23, from Hamilton. Photo / THREE
Red team Claire, 26, and Agni, 23, from Hamilton. Photo / THREE

Joining the show for the first time is judge Kristina Rapley, editor of Your Home & Garden, joining regular Jason Bonham.


The winners will take home the grand prize of $100,000 and all teams will take home any profit they make above reserve from the sale of their home.

Mark Richardson returns as show host and Shelley Ferguson as challenge host.

"This season is special because it really exemplifies the idea of community; the houses are located in the heart of a modern subdivision that is all about connecting with the people closest to you," Ferguson said.

"With similar facades, the pressure is really on for this year's teams to up their design game in order to make their home unique and stand out from the others."

The builds will be overseen by site foreman Peter Wolfkamp aka Wolfy or "The Wolfman".

"The team dynamics this year are fantastic – we have a really fun bunch who are fiercely competitive," Wolfkamp said.


"No two years are the same on The Block NZ and this year's teams will undoubtedly entertain us like a soap opera as they battle it out to be number one in the DIY stakes."

The Block NZ premieres on Three, on July 8 at 7pm and also screens on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday at 7.30pm.