As we know by now, Heartbreak Island is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

The latest episode was an interesting look into what should come first in a relationship: love, power or a strong stomach.

Here are a few of the episode's most shocking moments ...

The disgusting food challenge

It goes from a reality TV dating show to Fear Factor really quickly in this episode.


The challenge included couples balancing on wooden logs while transferring gross food via their mouths for their partners to eat without falling.

The whole thing was disturbing for viewers and competitors alike.

Highlights included Gennedy being the only girl to eat the live witchetty grub. Good on you girl!

The Disrupters cause a scene

Two new singles arrive in Fiji ready to cause a stir.

True to their name, the arrival of the "disruptors" left a lasting mark on the game when relationships, loyalty and sincerity were put to the test.

The pair are Natasha Pezic, 23, a lifestyle blogger from Auckland, and former bodybuilding champion Lincoln Marshall, 22, from Marlborough.

On her first night on the island Natasha kisses a number of the boys and ranks Kristian as the "best" out of all of them in front of his current partner Ruby.

She is obviously distraught and later asks him what he meant by it.

He then refuses to apologise and acts like it was a "strategy" to "play the game".

Playback gets tense

After the disgusting food challenge, Georgia and Harry were in a tight spot after being put up for elimination.

Hosts Matilda and Mark asked the players for the Playback option where you can swap your partner to save one of the bottom two, and eliminate your current partner.

Ruby decided to play the Playback option to keep Harry in the game and say sayonara to Kristian.

Josh also used the Playback option to save Georgia, throwing his current partner Tiffany under the bus.

There were lots of tears.

Ruby's Weetbix face

Ruby and Kristian didn't do well in the food challenge and it may have been because Ruby found the dry Weetbix hard to swallow.

That does not look satisfying, someone get that girl some milk!

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