Suzy Cato put her dancing shoes on for the last time tonight on Dancing with the Stars.

Cato and her partner Matt gave it their best this week during "Latin week" but couldn't quite cut the mustard, making the bottom two battling Shavaughan Ruakere in the final dance-off.

The veteran children's TV presenter looked devastated to be leaving the competition.

"People didn't expect me to come out stroppy and saucy," Cato said.


"I have had an amazing time, it is an amazing whanau we have here. It has been a journey and for everyone at home too. Also to be able to dance for The Mental Health Foundation. Hey guys, thanks. I guess it's see ya see ya later ..." said Cato.

Samantha Hayes and Chris Harris both topped the leaderboard in episode 14 with 25 points.

Top moments from this evening were:

Chris Harris

The first dancer was Chris Harris and Vanessa in a beautiful bright yellow satin shirt dancing the samba.

"You are getting into the deeper layers of the competition. You transported us to Rio! I enjoyed your partnership. It is intense and you let the world around you fall away," said Camilla.

"You little legend! You had vultures! I enjoyed it. I was like 'where on earth did this come from! Clearly, it was a samba and everyone was enjoying it," said Julz.

"You were so charming tonight. It takes so much for a beginner male to come out here and tackle it with such masculinity," said Rachel.

Samantha Hayes

Samantha and her partner Aaron took to the stage with their paso doble to a Calvin Harris song.


Fans thought it was magical.

"Hot and steamy Sam. You had moments when you could challenge him then push him away... you had so much chemistry," said Julz.

"You have such a good motion in your backbends and it was impressive. I want more tone in your frame and routine," said Rachel.

"I thought that was the perfect example of being braver each week. I want more upper body strength," said Camilla.

Watch the dance floor drama unfold again Sunday on Three from 7pm and Monday from 7.30pm to see who gets eliminated from the competition this week.