Get ready to panic - Brendon Urie is bringing his alternative pop-rock collective Panic! At the Disco back to New Zealand for an arena show.

Urie's Panic! are set to perform at Auckland's Spark Arena on October 16.

The new show comes as Urie prepares to release their sixth album, Pray for the Wicked, on June 22.

It's a quickfire follow-up to Panic's last show here last February at the same venue, a performance that saw TimeOut reviewer Siena Yates nearly lose her mind.


"I'm not entirely sure what happened," she declared, admitting she failed to take notes as panic ensued and she got lost in the moment.

"It was maybe the first show I've been to where the crowd has cheered equally as loud for the old hits as for the new, and they sang every word along with frontman Brendon Urie, right down to the ad-libs and backup vocals," she wrote.

Pray For the Wicked is the group's first new album since Urie took time off to perform on Broadway as part of the Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots.

Urie is the only official member of the group, with guitarist Kenneth Harris, drummer Dan Pawlovich and bassist Nicole Row joining him for the upcoming tour.

Tickets go on sale on June 22. A Ticketmaster pre-sale begins on June 21.